DuraSled (Case Only) Only for 800 Series Scanners - Samsung S7

Product Description
£103.20 (Inc. VAT)
£86.00 (Ex. VAT)

Socket Mobile’s DuraSled (Case Only) is a one-handed solution, combining both the Samsung S7 and 800 Series attachable scanner. The 800 Series is your mobile device’s attachable scanning tool while the DuraSled (Case Only) is a safeguard for both phone and scanner. Without compromising the convenience of your S7, the DuraSled (Case Only) fits like a rubberized glove, coupling your scanner and Samsung phone into one. Featuring RAM® IntelliSkin™ with GDS technology, DuraSled (Case Only) is designed for on-the-go workforces requiring handheld devices. DuraSled (Case Only) helps prevent scratches and bacteria from tainting your phone and scanner. A stumble wouldn’t hold you down, and with the DuraSled (Case Only) , a fumble isn’t about to stop your devices from getting the job done.


  • Compatible with Samsung S7
  • Elastomeric case encloses & protects both Socket Mobile’s 800 Series barcode scanner and compatible devices
  • Integrates connectors from both devices for simultaneous battery charging
  • Made with antimicrobial material to provide extra protection against potentially harmful germs 

*Charging options not included.
DuraSled (Case Only) requires a charging option to charge your mobile device and 800 Series scanner simultaneously.

Learn more about our DuraSled (Case Only) charging options.

Note: Without one of the DuraSled (Case Only) charging options you will have to charge your mobile device and 800 Series separately.

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